Jolas Kitchen came alive while I was a student at Dixie State University. All my life, I’ve always found the most joy and purpose in helping people. At Dixie, I began helping friends with preparing meals for birthdays and events. I cooked and posted pictures of the meals on my social media platforms. It didn’t take too long for me to discover a passion and a flare for cooking, nor for others to discover me. I adore working on my skills and seeking ways to improve every day. It’s a journey that has blessed me in many ways. It’s a journey I love to share to bring joy, comfort, and celebration to others.

The birth of JOLAS, gave life to SNAILS UNLIMITED. Many of our customers needed raw ingredients in their finest form as they enjoy cooking. The high demand for these items, especially the special meat (SNAILS), helped bring this vision to life. We promise to bring you only QUALITY ingredients which we also use in our kitchen daily.

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Snails Unlimited